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Dallas FSC Tri-Swizzle Series

The Tri-Swizzle Series, started in 2009, is designed for our beginner skaters. This  not only introduces the skaters to competition but also to grow their love of skating. 

Skaters must compete in the three DALLAS FSC hosted competitions in the club calendar year.

The three eligible competitions are the Bunny Hop Open in November, the Love Bug Open February and Skate Dallas in June.

To be eligible to compete in the Tri-Swizzle Series, skaters must compete in both the Love Bug and Skate Dallas.

The eligible competition levels are:
Snowplow Sam through Basic 6
Aspire 1
Aspire 2
Aspire 3
Aspire 4

Skaters earn points for placement as well as points for moving up between competitions.  Points are tallied and winners are announced at the DFSC Annual Picnic each summer.  You can see the previous year’s winners on our website - check them out!

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