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Dallas FSC Junior Board of Directors

The DFSC Junior Board is comprised of skaters enrolled in the 8th through 12th grades who wish to serve our club while developing leadership skills. The Junior Board Members actively volunteer at all skating events as runners for the accountants and also help in other areas such as registration or awards as needed. The Junior Board is organized to provide leadership opportunities through typical officer roles such as: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Historians. The members of the Junior Board learn responsibility, compassion, dedication, time-management and other positive traits through their many activities. In addition to assisting with club hosted competitions; they sponsor several club parties for the younger skaters; mentor the beginning skaters; host fund-raising events such as car washes; provide good luck incentives and wishes for their peers who are skating at Regionals, Sectionals or Nationals; and take an active role in the activities of the annual Club Picnic. Our Junior Board is a solid organization comprised of vibrant teens displaying strong character traits and they set high expectations for each of their functions. These youth members of the DFSC are looked up to as true role models for others to emulate.


Junior Board Sponsor(s)


Sponsor | Capriana Oyedeji and Tori Scott

Board Liaison | Debra Dryburgh 

2022-2023 Dallas FSC Junior Board of Directors

President(s) | Ella Kisselburg

Vice-President(s) | Athena Lee

Treasurer | Sofia de la Pena

Secretary | Amaiyah Oyedeji

Social Media Committee | Sophia Joson, Hollis Robinson, Bryson Mosier, Michelle Quan, Elyssa Borden.

Historians | Olivia Tang, Megha Siripurapu, and Louisa Xu

Member Only | Emma Chen, Shrika Yogeswaran, Krishiv Siripurapu, and Sara Sakamoto.

2020-2021 Dallas FSC Junior Board of Directors

President(s) | Virginia Liu

Vice-President(s) | Alhena Kerawala

Treasurer | Jennifer Sakura Knoblauch

Secretary | Olivia Lee

Social Media Committee | Megha Siripurapu

2018-2019 Dallas FSC Junior Board of Directors

President(s) | Akane Eguchi / Anuhya Sandodi

Vice-President(s) | Anna Li / Ashley Lin

Treasurer | Rozina Taguchi

Secretary | Polina Letova

Social Media Committee | Hanna Harrell / Madison P. Nguyen

Community Service Committee | Audrey Lu

2017-2018 Dallas FSC Junior Board of Directors

President | Megan Shah

Vice-President | Savannah Eren

Treasurer | Anuhya Sandadi

Secretary | Dasha Danilenko

Volunteering | Ashley Garcia

Public Relations | Ashley Kim

2016-2017 Dallas FSC Junior Board of Directors

President | Megan Shah

Vice-President of Volunteering Events | Ashlee Raymond

Vice-President of Hosting Events | Savannah Eren

Treasurer | Dylan Hylander

Secretary | Camille Acquatella

Member at Large | Ashley Kim

Member at Large | Ashley Lin

Member at Large | Anna Li

Member at Large | Hanna Harrell

Member at Large | Polina Letova

Member at Large | Akane Eguchi


2015-2016 Dallas FSC Junior Board of Directors


President  |  Alessandra Vanigli

Vice-president  |  Megan Shah

Secretary  |   Kristin Park

Treasurer  |  Sristy Chaudry

Historians  |  Camille Acquatella, Courtney Lewis, Francesca Vanigli


Members are:

Shin Lei Case

Amber Glenn

Vivian Le

Megan Shah

Kristin Park

Aoi Eguchi

Ashlee Raymond

Imi Hunter

Analyse Bowden

Camille Acquatella

Sristy Chaudry

Courtney Lewis

Alessandra Vanigli

Francesca Vanigli

Mita Kalidas

Olivia Engro

Victoria Kubyshko

Clare Untalan

Kaitlyn Toohey


2014-2015 Dallas FSC Junior Board of Directors


Ashley Shin  |  President

Alessandra Vanigli |  Vice-President

Megan Shah |  Treasurer

Riley Shin |  Secretary

Amber Glenn and Courtney Lewis |  Historian(s)

2012-2013 Dallas FSC Junior Board of Directors


Melanie Vargas  |  President

Angela Huang  |  Vice-President

John Gilmore  |  Treasurer

Pauline Nguyen  |  Secretary

Kayla Tanner  |  Historian


2012-2013 Dallas FSC Junior Board of Directors

Members at Large


Allie Augustyniak

Rique Newby Estrella

Sammy Carr

Kristin Park

Renee Catagno

Thy Thy Phan

Spencer Davis

Kendall Royes

Morgan Flood

Hailee Settle

Linda Gilmore

Ashley Shin

Cassidy Jensen

Jennifer Strand

Victoria Kubyshko

Elena Taylor

Annie Luong

Akemi Tsutsumi

Nicole Meyer

Previous Dallas FSC Junior Board of Directors Presidents




2011 – 2012 |  Alex Skaar

2010 – 2011 |  Becky Du

2009 – 2010 |  Ally Newman

2008 – 2009 |  Ashley Fitzpatrick

2007 – 2008 |  Ashley Fitzpatrick

2006 – 2007 |  Erica Zamora

2005 – 2006 |  Erica Zamora

2004 – 2005 |  Christopher Pottenger



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