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CHHH and Blount Fund Information

CHHH and Blount Funds Information | DallasFSC ­


 “Carolyn Haman’s Helping Hands Fund”


This fund is intended to lend Dallas FSC home club skaters a helping hand with unexpected expenses above and beyond the routine day to day expenses of training in the sport of figure skating.
Some examples are: the purchase of boots, costumes, or medical expenses.

Applications are always accepted and will be reviewed at the next Board meeting.





“Deborah Blount Memorial Fund Award”


Debbie Blount was a long time member of the Dallas FSC, an adult skater and the mother of a young skater. She was an awesome human being who dedicated her life to volunteering! Because she announced at so many club hosted events, she was fondly called the “voice of the Dallas FSC”. Debbie unexpectedly passed away Christmas Eve 2007. This award was created in her memory, and is intended for Dallas FSC home club skaters and their families who accept volunteering with as much enthusiasm as Debbie did.


THANK YOU to our wonderful members who approach volunteering with enthusiasm!


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