Dallas FSC Committee Chairs



Annual Awards Club Picnic Chair = Lorri Skaar

Bylaws Chair = Kendra Pottenger

Communications Chair (Via Email) = Sofie Raymond



Competition Chairs = Rose Varner, Kathryn Jensen, Mary Pottenger

Announcement Editor = Scott Barth

Announcer = Steve Pottenger

Awards Chair = Shelly Griffin

Hospitality = Lorri Skaar, Kathryn Jensen, Robin Massey-Davis, Mary Chan

Hotel Contracts = Atsuko Harrell

Practice Ice = Chellie Bowden

Program Book = Richard Glenn

Registration = Megan Toohey, Holly Abshire

Souvenirs = Parris Case


Exhibitions Chair = Mary Pottenger

Holiday Exhibitions “Tis the Season @ DFSC” = Sofie Raymond


Facilities = Mike Ellestad

Fundraising Chair = Jem Mixon

Grievance Chair = Jeff Rich

Historian = Richard Glenn and Tricia Barth

Ice Contracts = Rose Varner

Instagram = Kathleen Westmoreland

Junior Board Co-Sponsors = Parris Case and Ally Newman

Membership Chair = Steve Pottenger

Public Relations / Publicity Chair = Carol Wooley

Seminars Chair = Mary Pottenger

Test Chair(s) = Susan Enriquez, Kathleen Westmoreland, Laurel Alexander

Volunteers = Holly Abshire

Webmaster and Facebook = Jeff Rich

Dallas FSC Partner Rinks

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