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Dallas FSC Committee Chairs



Annual Awards Club Picnic Chair | Lorri Skaar

Competition Chairs | Rose Varner, Chellie Bowden, Mary Pottenger

Announcement Editor | Chellie Bowden

Announcer | Steve Pottenger

Awards Chair | Shelly Griffin, Jem Mixon

Hospitality | Lorri Skaar

Practice Ice | Chellie Bowden

Program Book | Richard Glenn

Registration | Chelli Bowden

Sanctions | Ricky Rivera

Grievance Chair | Jeff Rich

Instagram Manager | Kathleen Westmoreland

Junior Board Sponsor | Allison Bowden and Tori Scott

Membership Chair | Steve Pottenger

Test Chair | Susan Enriquez

Volunteer Chair | Theann Egbert

Facebook and Webmaster | Jeff Rich


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