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DFSC Club Jacket | Dallas FSC




By now you have certainly seen the awesome jackets that the Dallas FSC has made available for our skaters.  If you don’t have one, you NEED one!   Represent your club AND stay warm while wearing the Official Dallas Figure Skating Club Jackets and other accessories!!

The jacket is especially great as it also includes the USFSA logo and is an all around great jacket.   There are other options available so check out the link below.


Sizes up to 5X are available to there is no excuse not to be flying your Club colors.   Whether you are skating or setting in the stands watching a skater, you need a jacket!   Ice Rinks are cold after all!


Currently (and unfortunately) the vendor who produces these amazing jackets has gone out of business and we are currently seeking another vendor to help with our needs.  We will update this page once we find someone of the same caliber as our previous vendor.

Thank you for your understanding!



2019 Jacket1.JPG
2019 Jacket2.JPG
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